Suckling is the process of removing milk from the mammary gland – feeding. Suckling is not commonly used to describe a human infant – but can be. It is used in culinary circles to describe a piglet less than 6 weeks of age which was fed on its mother’s milk until sacrificed for a celebratory meal of some description.

Suckling, nursing and breastfeeding are synonyms and ‘culturally popular’ in different countries. In Australia, anyone can ‘nurse’ the baby, because they are just holding it. In America only a woman can ‘nurse the baby’ because it indicates she is breastfeeding it. #5.Suck-swallow-breathe (SSB) cycle

The SSB cycle is what efficient feeding is all about. Just as a child who can managed to do dog paddle, is swimming, he is never going to win a gold medal at the Olympics using that strategy. He must learn to a much more coordinated style e.g. overarm (Australian crawl), so that he develops speed and efficiency.

So it is with feeding. The baby who is sucking is not necessarily suckling.