Cup feeding

Babies do not have to drink from a bottle – it is not compulsory. If necessary you can teach him to drink from a cup, medicine glass or even a traditional vessel from India/Sri Lanka, which is shaped like a small gravy boat. This is used to ‘avoid bottle feeding’ (because the literature implies that bottle feeding inhibits successful breastfeeding – see section on Assessment tools – in 1970s no attempt was made to correct infant suck, and after a few weeks mothers were advised to ‘put baby on the bottle’). It allows baby to swallow milk but doesn’t actually teach baby to suck-swallow-breathe in a coordinated way.

  • It may be used where there is a yet to be corrected cleft palate or hare lip.
  • It can be used by anyone in an emergency situation where baby needs feeding.
  • It is time intensive until baby becomes proficient