Bottle feeding

Bottle feeding is just what it says – a fluid in a bottle which is fed to an infant. Glass was used in Egyptian times to make feeding bottles but it wasn’t until the commercial manufacture of glass and the advances in food technology came together in mid 1800s that the current trend in bottle feeding became viable. We also needed to understand the process of disease and the importance of domestic hygiene.

The first milk which was treated to make it safe (tuberculosis used to be transmitted to human through cow’s milk) was evaporated milk. This was used to treat malnutrition in school children. It was many decades, before modified milks were sufficiently adapted to be suitable for infants.

It is odd that every time you see a pamphlet or a bit in a book about bottle feeding, they tell you how to clean the bottle or how to mix formula, not how to use a bottle when feeding an infant less that 4 weeks old.

The principles are the same as for breastfeeding:

Baby’s oral mechanics need to be efficient – good airtight seal – made by lips and tongue around the teat, no leaking, slurping or clicking.

See the section on Suck mechanics, muscles and exercises.