Research in general terms

Research is a huge area. In the community, it is generally the trial and error method which is most popular. In Universities it is the randomized controlled trail which is most applauded. A research project may not necessarily be able to tell parents what, the answer to their daily problems are.

Lactation related, research over the past 30 years has illuminated a lot and kept a lot of people in jobs. Ability to apply research to the community setting is an ongoing task for lactation consultants. We also need a transfer of knowledge in the opposite direction as well – clinical and community settings to the academic researcher, so that the ‘expert model’ continues to meld with the ‘family partnership model’ of client education and support.

Research is what health professionals need for evidence based practice (EBP) and to ensure ‘best practise’. Sometimes we rely on evidence from related disciplines because the relevant research has not yet been done.

Pamella Marshalla explained this very clearly in her monograph about the past hundred years of speech pathology clinical practice. Somebody still needs to do the research.

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