Policies about infant feeding and you

  • Hospitals have policies – mostly for the staff.

  • WHO/UNICEF designed the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) ‘policy’ to reverse the maternity hospital practices of the 1960-70s when bottle feeding was so popular. In USA, 75% of infants were bottle fed in the 70s. BFHI has devised a list – The 10 Steps – to help hospitals, but they advise that : ‘parents may accept or reject any or all of the Ten Step.. After a short while – you will know your baby best – you will suspect when something is deviating from the norm. You can use a bottle, dummy, nipple shields or formula if you choose to. If you do – know what it is for and why you are using it.

  • Governments have policies, recommendations and guidelines. They are not usually legislation. Where you sleep you baby is your decision. There is legislation for car seats and there is the Equal Opportunity legislation. Mothers have a right to breastfeed baby, baby has a right to be fed. People under 18 are not allowed in parliament (that ejection in the South Australian parliamentary chamber, wasn’t actually about breastfeeding). If somebody denies you a service, housing or education because you are feeding – take their name and right the EO Commission.