Easy exercises to help baby

  • Lie baby on right side for 3 minutes, then on the left side for 3 minutes – morning and afternoon.
  • Lie baby on his tummy for about 30 seconds – see if he looks comfortable.
  • Lie baby on a pillow, at about 30 degree angle, using his arms, pull him forward off the pillow – watch to see if his head lags to the back first and then comes forward in a straight line. It should not be turned to the the side. It should then droop forwards. Babies should not achieve ‘good neck control’ before 8 weeks. If you are thinking he is ‘clever’ because he is holding his head up so well – think again. Get it checked by your child health nurse or lactation consultant.
  • When baby lies on your chest – he will lift his head to make eye contact with you. Good – this is an exercise. Up, down, up, down.
  • You may lie your baby face down on your knee when burping him – if he lifts his head momentarily – good. Then it will be too heavy and sags again. This is an exercise. Up, down, up, down.
  • After a few weeks, you can sit with baby on your lap and him lookin gout into the world. When somebody comes within the range of vision, he will be attracted to a face (or on a toy). If that person moves from side to side, baby will follow with his eyes and most likely move his head from side to side. Right, left, right, left. Its an exercise.
  • After 8 weeks of age you can lie baby on a log cushion (rolled up towel) so his head is higher than his stomach. Put his arms out in front, (helps to support his head) and then, holding his thighs, roll him forward a little, then back (as if he was a wheelbarrow). Forward, back, forward, back – another exercise for the muscles in his neck. Every movement helps him to correct his posture , against gravity.

Baby’s head is 25% of his body weight – consider it as a weight – like in the gym – which is assisting him to correct his own sore neck.