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“Breastfeeding is not a Spectator Sport: strategies for the domestic coaching team”

Parents are the one actual people who tell health professionals what the problem is. It is just that you only have experience of your own baby and you are not sure if what you see, feel and hear are in the normal range. It took me about 35 years to meld what I learnt as a midwifery and child health student with what I experienced as a mother..and then with an interest in research and more experience in the community to connect the dots for myself. Breastfeeding and all that goes with it, is not simple.

The federal government published The Best Start; report on the health benefits of breastfeeding, in 2007. This document states that it is difficult to alter the duration of breastfeeding in the community, because of the mothers age, education level and her intention to return to paid work. From my perspective, that committee has not yet connected all the dots – the baby is absent from the equation.

My book is not a ‘how to breastfeed’ book. It is an ‘after the fact’ book. It follows a format I have found to be very useful in checking the infant for ‘what is stopping baby from feeding efficiently. Efficiency is the key – not interested in ‘what it looks like – but in is it efficient. Feed should be comfortable for mother, and baby should be able to transfer adequate amounts of milk to achieve normal growth.

“Breastfeeding is not a Spectator Sport: strategies for the domestic coaching team”
is 108 pages long. It is a book for parents – to help solve the feeding difficulty you are experiencing. Hopefully, you will be able to correct the deviation from the norm within the first 4 weeks, or 9second choice) by 8 weeks. If baby is older than this, it is still useful to get baby checked for a dysfunctional suck caused by tongue tie, or for postural turn which is continuing to cause him discomfort during feeds.

All babies ‘should’ be able to suck-swallow-breathe efficiently. What applies to breastfeeding, also applies to bottle feeding – no clicking, no leakage, feeds in about 30 minutes. Babies less than 4 weeks of age usually positively respond to suck re-training within 2-3 days. This is also a positive way for fathers to contribute to the breastfeeding process and the efficiency of infant suck, Just as men and boys attend frequent footy training sessions in their sport (often for many years), so babies may need some training sessions to ‘get it right’. Practise, practise, practise for a few days to a week – they are fast learners!

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