Advertising of formula and you

Formula is a milk recipe made a range of ingredients. It was invented by industrial chemists – so they called it formula. If it had bee commercialized by domestic cooks, it would have been called a infant recipe. Formula can provide an infant with all the nutrients it requires – if nobody makes a mistake (plenty of those in the past e.g. melamine is not a naturally occurring ingredient. The basic ingredients are protein, carbohydrate and fat. On the world market there are many types which can be substituted for each other – cow’s milk protein or soy protein, can sugar or lactose, animal fat or vegetable oil. Some families have known allergies to cow’s milk protein, but of those some 50% are also allergic to soy. Formula use is an individual decision, which should be based on why baby needs it – not ‘just in case’, or ‘so baby will get used to it’. Formula is not really, normal food for infants less than 6 months old.

If governments really ‘believed’ in the benefits of human milk, we would have milk banks in all major towns. If we can have a blood bank, we could have a milk bank – it has the technology and the expertise. Human milk is less ‘dangerous’ than blood which goes into your veins – milk goes into your stomach. If you are disease free enough for giving blood – it’s the same for milk donation.

Advertising sells a lot of formula – it undermines your confidence in your ability to provide for you infant. If they didn’t advertise so much, it might not be so expensive.

Were you concerned throughout the pregnancy that you might not be able to maintain the pregnancy.? Your body provided everything. IF baby is sucking correctly and you know how to manage your milk supply, your body’s physiology should be sufficient, for the first 6 months.